EP: 11 - How I Raised $9,339 & Almost Died Last Weekend

April 6, 2017

Nick reveals the promotion he just recently ran to raise nearly $10,000 for a local charity organization, how it brought in over 200 new customers, brought him over $5,000 in free advertising, and how big of an impact it made within his community…and how any bar owner and some restaurant owners could do the same. Nick also goes into detail how he almost “died” on his way home from Vegas from the Nightclub & Bar Show

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to get thousands in free publicity
  • How to run a specific charity promotion with zero marketing costs that brings a flood of new customers to your doors.
  • The questions you need to ask yourself about your next promotion in order to get the highest ROI
  • The marketing strategy he used that costs pennies on the dollar to pop up in front of thousands of people


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