EP 13 : Food Trends & Innovation - Making An Impact In Restaurants & Bars w/ Paul Barron From Foodable Network

April 24, 2017


What’s one of the number one things you must do in the bar restaurant business to keep your business thriving? Innovation! Nick interviews industry expert Paul Baron on how to be innovative and what trends he’s seeing that’s making a big impact in the bar and restaurant business.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • One of the most important things Paul has learned in his 25 plus years in the industry.
  • Food trends that are starting to take off and where to find them to be ahead of the competition.
  • Where to find chefs / mentors to help you take your brand, your food to the next level
  • How to kick off a month long “Guest Chef” promotion to drive food sales, attract new customers, and create new menu items you would have never thought of
  • One of the easiest way to get ideas for new menu items that your customers will LOVE!

Links Mentioned In This Podcast:

Across The Bar - Innovations In Libations - Mixology, Craft Beer, & Wine

Fast Casual Nation - Changing The Way America Eats  - Even if you’re not fast casual, you can take concepts, ideas from other markets, and bring them to your bar or restaurant.

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